17 Oh-My-God Leah Remini Revelations About Scientology

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Leah Remini has made it her mission to expose what she sees as the dangers, hypocrisy, absurdity, and cruelty of Scientology since leaving the cult/religion. She joins a growing list of celebrity ex-scientologists. She has done so through a book, interviews, and a Reddit AMA, among other things. Her Scientology interview will go down in history as one of the most informative sources of information about the secretive Church of Scientology! The actress was a 30-year member of the Church when she left in 2013. In October 2015, she was interviewed by ABC's 20/20 in conjunction with the release of her new memoir, "Troublemaker." In the interview, Remini dropped bomb after bomb about Scientology, dishing on everything from how she was brought into the Church as a child to their relationship with Tom Cruise.

While longtime Scientology watchers will understand what Remini is talking about, those new to the behind-the-scenes drama inherent to the the Church might be shocked. After all, it's not every religion that separates children from parents, charges members hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn basic doctrine, and idolizes celebrities as high priests. But that's exactly what Scientology does - and Remini isn't afraid of the consequences of telling all.

Read on for the most shocking revelations Leah Remini's has made about Scientology. 

Collection Photo: Irfan Khan, Los Angeles Times
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