Life Skills You Learn From Sports Anything
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Life Skills You Learn From Sports

List Criteria: Skills you learn from sports that can be used in other aspects of your life

List of life skills you learn from playing sports--excellent reasons to play sports that extend beyond the obvious physical benefits. Many parents who are trying to decide if they should let their kids play sports focus too much on the challenges and downsides of sports, rather than the many benefits of playing sports. It is true that young people are already very busy, but the benefit of playing on a team is that it actually helps with time management skills. Typically, the busier you are, the more you get done. 

So, why play sports? Should kids play sports when they are young? Are there benefits to playing sports? Any person who played organized sports growing up will tell you that playing on a team can teach you more about leadership, discipline, teamwork and perseverance than you could ever hope to learn inside of a classroom.

The best sports to play are team sports that teach kids to deal with disappointment and how to work long and hard at something in which they hope to improve. Sports help young people in many ways. There are proven academic, career and social benefits of sports. This list includes the practical skills you learn from sports. Vote on the ones you agree with and add any that you think should be on the list. If you are in doubt, you'll probably want to avoid this list of the most boring sports to play so you don't get discouraged. 

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    How to Socialize

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    new! Time Management

    Balancing school work and sports can be tough
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    Goal Setting

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    Physical Education

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    How to Encourage Others

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    Stress Management

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    Communication Skills

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    How to Work Towards Improvement

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    How to Handle Disapointment

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    Healthy Eating Habits

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    Overcoming Adversity

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