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Lighthouses in Mississippi

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List of lighthouses in Mississippi with lots of lighthouse pictures. MS lighthouses take terrific photos. Their outdoor nature and deep history make lighthouses some of the most beloved buildings anywhere. Small wonder then that many are famous and some even supposedly haunted. Although many of them are being rendered obsolete today by the advent of GPS, there are fortunately private lighthouse preservation organizations keeping them maintained, along with local communities wishing to protect their landmarks. This also means that one may sometimes find lighthouses for sale! Lighthouses were, of course, originally used for navigation, providing light with their lantern to ships and boats as a signal for safe entry to harbors or as a warning of a reef, shoal, or rocks. Many ships would have run aground if not for the light given off by the amazing bulb and fresnel lens of the lighthouse. This list of lighthouses and its images are a tribute to the safety lighthouses provide.
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    Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

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    Cat Island, Mississippi, USA

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    No image

    Pass Christian Light

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    Cornwall, United Kingdom

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    Ship Island, Mississippi, USA

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