The Best Foods High in Antioxidants Foods
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The Best Foods High in Antioxidants

List Criteria: Foods that have over 3,000 antioxidant capacity per serving size

Here is a wonderful list of foods rich in antioxidants. Foods high in antioxidants help build up your immune system. You can use this list of antioxidant rich foods to decide what antioxidants high foods to add to your diet and healthy menu. Antioxidants are also known to fight diseases like cancer and coronary artery disease. This high antioxidant food list is a reference that can be turned into a printable list of the best antioxidants that you can take with you to the grocery store. Of this list of foods with antioxidants, vote on the ones that are the most delicious.

What foods contrain the best antioxidants? These are are some the healthiest foods so go grab them and eat up!
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    Size: One
    Antioxidants per serving: 5900

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    Size: 1 cup
    Antioxidants per serving: 5938

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    Size: 1 cup
    Antioxidants per serving: 9019

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    Red Beans

    Size: Half cup
    Antioxidants per serving: 13727

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