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The Battles of Augustus

A list of all important battles fought by Augustus. This battles list includes any Augustus battles, conflicts, campaigns, wars, skirmishes or military engagements of any kind. This list displays the battles Augustus fought in alphabetically, but the battles/military engagements contain information such as where the battle was fought and who else was involved. Items here include everything from American Revolutionary War to Great Siege of Gibraltar.

If you are looking to answer the questions, "Which battles did Augustus fight in?" and "Which battles was Augustus involved in?" then this list has got you covered. (9 items)

The Battles of Augustus Military Conflicts
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    Battle of Forum Gallorum Northern Italy, Italy

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    Andalusia, Spain

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    Northern Italy, Italy

  4. 4

    Philippi, Greece

  5. 5

    Cantabrian Wars Asturias, Spain

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    Perusine War Rome, Italy

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    Liberators' civil war Macedonia

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    Sicily, Italy

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