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List of All Movies Released in 1957 Films
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List of All Movies Released in 1957

List of all movies released in 1957, with film trailers when available. These movies of 1957 are listed alphabetically, but if you're looking for a particular film, you can search for it by using the Filter option below. This list includes some of the best movies of 1957, but since it's a list of all 1957 films there are also some bad movies on here as well. Additional information is also available for these 1957 movies, such as their directors, actors and taglines.

This list has everything from The Bridge on the River Kwai to 12 Angry Men.

If you're wondering, "What movies came out in 1957?" or "What are the best 1957 films?" then this list will answer your questions.

This is a comprehensive list of movies that premiered in 1957, so the films you see here range from smaller indie pictures to giant blockbusters. If you're a big cinema buff, this list is a great way to find some more obscure films that you may not already know. (869 items)
  1. 1

    ...Y eligió el infierno

    César Fernández Ardavín More
  2. 2
    No image

    1000 Kleine Zeichen

    Herbert Seggelke More
  3. 3
    Sidney Lumet, William Friedkin More
  4. 4
    No image


    Toivo Särkkä More
  5. 5
    Nathan H. Juran More
  6. 6
    Delmer Daves More
  7. 7
    Henry S. Kesler More
  8. 8
    No image

    8 × 8: A Chess Sonata in 8 Movements

    Hans Richter, Jean Cocteau More
  9. 9

    A Brief History

    Ion Popescu-Gopo More
  10. 10

    A Dancer’s World

    Peter Glushanok More
  11. 11
    Harry Rasky More
  12. 12
    Elia Kazan More
  13. 13

    A Fantastic Tale of Naruto

    Teinosuke Kinugasa More
  14. 14
    Charles Vidor More
  15. 15
    No image

    A Fugitive from Love

    Ezzel Dine Zulficar More
  16. 16
    Fred Zinnemann More
  17. 17
    Charlie Chaplin More
  18. 18
    No image
    Mikhail Romm, Hristo Piskov, Lev Arnshtam More
  19. 19
    No image

    A Man and his Dog Out for Air

    Robert Breer More
  20. 20
    Jules White More
  21. 21
    No image

    A Moon is Born

  22. 22

    A Murderer

    Roman Polański More
  23. 23
    No image

    A sud niente di nuovo

    Giorgio Simonelli More
  24. 24

    A Woman's War

    Kim Ki-young More
  25. 25
    M.V. Raman More
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