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List of Famous Film Score Composers

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List of famous film score composers, with photos, bios, and other information when available. Who are the top film score composers in the world? This includes the most prominent film score composers, living and dead, both in America and abroad. This list of notable film score composers is ordered by their level of prominence, and can be sorted for various bits of information, such as where these historic film score composers were born and what their nationality is. The people on this list are from different countries, but what they all have in common is that they're all renowned film score composers.

Examples of people on this list include Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.

From reputable, prominent, and well known film score composers to the lesser known film score composers of today, these are some of the best professionals in the film score composer field. If you want to answer the questions, "Who are the most famous film score composers ever?" and "What are the names of famous film score composers?" then you're in the right place. (2693 items)
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    Madonna is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list List of Famous Film Score Composers
    Photo: yakub88/Shutterstock

    Madonna Louise Ciccone is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. She achieved popularity by pushing the boundaries of lyrical content in mainstream popular music and imagery in her music videos, which became a fixture on MTV. Madonna is known for reinventing both her music and ...more

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    • Age: 57
    • Birthplace: Bay City, Michigan, United States of America
    • Profession: Record producer, Entrepreneur, Singer-songwriter, Film Producer, Screenwriter, + more
    • Credits: Madonna: Truth or Dare, Desperately Seeking Susan, Dick Tracy, Evita
  2. 2
    Clint Eastwood is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list List of Famous Film Score Composers
    Photo: Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock

    Clinton "Clint" Eastwood, Jr. is an American actor, film director, producer, musician, and politician. He rose to international fame with his role as the Man with No Name in Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy of spaghetti Westerns during the 1960s, and as antihero cop Harry Callahan in the five Dirty Harry ...more

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    • Age: 85
    • Birthplace: California, United States of America
    • Profession: Film Score Composer, Businessperson, Politician, Pianist, Television producer, + more
    • Credits: Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino, Unforgiven, Rawhide
  3. 3
    Courtney Love is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list List of Famous Film Score Composers
    Photo: whittlz/flickr/CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Courtney Michelle Love is an American alternative rock singer, songwriter, musician, actress, and visual artist. Prolific in the punk and grunge scenes of the 1990s as the frontwoman of Hole, Love became a fixture in alternative music, drawing public attention for her uninhibited stage presence and ...more

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    • Age: 51
    • Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA
    • Profession: Film Score Composer, Record producer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Musician, + more
    • Credits: Kurt & Courtney, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Juno, Hit So Hard
  4. 4
    Bill Cosby is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list List of Famous Film Score Composers
    Photo: Randy Miramontez/Shutterstock

    William Henry "Bill" Cosby Jr. is an American stand-up comedian, actor, author, and activist. Cosby's start in stand-up began at the hungry i in San Francisco which was followed by landing a starring role in the 1960s show I Spy. During its first two seasons, he was a regular on the children's ...more

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    • Age: 78
    • Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
    • Profession: Activist, Film Score Composer, Television director, Television producer, Musician, + more
    • Credits: The Cosby Show, Bill Cosby: Himself, Uptown Saturday Night, The Electric Company
  5. 5
    David Bowie is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list List of Famous Film Score Composers
    Photo: quicheisinsane .../Flickr

    David Bowie is an English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, arranger, and actor. He is also a painter and collector of fine art. Bowie has been a major figure in the world of popular music for over four decades, and is renowned as an innovator, particularly for his work in the ...more

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    • Age: 68
    • Birthplace: Brixton, London, United Kingdom
    • Profession: Film Score Composer, Arranger, Record producer, Songwriter, Musician, + more
    • Credits: Labyrinth, Basquiat, The Hunger, The Man Who Fell to Earth
  6. 6
    Bob Dylan is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list List of Famous Film Score Composers
    Photo: Freebase/Public domain

    Bob Dylan is an American singer-songwriter, artist, and writer. He has been influential in popular music and culture for more than five decades. Much of his most celebrated work dates from the 1960s when his songs chronicled social unrest, although Dylan repudiated suggestions from journalists that he ...more

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    • Age: 74
    • Birthplace: Duluth, Minnesota, United States of America
    • Profession: Film Score Composer, Record producer, Poet, Guitarist, Musician, + more
    • Credits: Forrest Gump, American Beauty, Silver Linings Playbook, The Big Lebowski
  7. 7
    Ciara is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list List of Famous Film Score Composers
    Photo: user uploaded image

    Ciara Princess Harris, known mononymously as Ciara, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress and fashion model. Born in Austin, Texas, she traveled around the world during her childhood, eventually moving to Atlanta, Georgia where she joined the girl group Hearsay; however, ...more

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    • Age: 30
    • Birthplace: Austin, Texas, United States of America
    • Profession: Record producer, Songwriter, Fashion Model, Actor, Music video director, + more
    • Credits: Unstoppable, Coach Carter, Step Up, Land of the Lost
  8. 8
    Corey Feldman is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list List of Famous Film Score Composers
    Photo: Freebase/Fair use

    Corey Scott Feldman is an American actor and singer. He became well-known during the 1980s, with roles as a youth in films such as The Fox and the Hound, The Goonies, Stand by Me, The Lost Boys, Gremlins and The 'Burbs. Feldman is also the lead singer for the ska band Truth Movement. more

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    • Age: 44
    • Birthplace: Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, United States of America
    • Profession: Spokesperson, Film Score Composer, Child Actor, Songwriter, Television producer, + more
    • Credits: Stand by Me, The Goonies, Gremlins, The Lost Boys
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