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Best Fergie Music Videos

Fergie official music videos as found on MTV, VH1 and YouTube. All Fergie music videos are listed from most popular to least. The Fergie songs featured in these music videos span albums from the artist's entire career, and include Fergie's most popular and most viewed videos, along with sexy or controversial music videos.

Some of these videos are some of the greatest in the pop singer's history. Songs like "Fergalicious," "Clumsy" and "Big Girls Don't Cry" are some of Fergie's best music videos.

What are Fergie's best music videos? Take a look here and see for yourself. These are some Fergie's hottest music videos as well, so you'll understand why they're so popular with fans.

This is an effort to collect the best music videos by Fergie for fans and newcomers alike.
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    Fergie - Fergalicious

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