The Best Jennifer Lopez Music Videos

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This is a list of all Jennifer Lopez official music videos. Jennifer Lopez aka J.Lo, is an American singer/actor.

Jennifer started her career as a dancer for the TV show "In Living Color", she then moved into acting with a run in many movies including "Money Train", "Out of Sight" and "The Back Up Plan".

In 1999 she started her musical career with "On the 6", her debut album. "If You Had My Love" was the hit #1 single. She followed up with the album "J.Lo" which was so popular, selling over 8 million copies, it spawned a remix album "J to tha L-O!: The Remixes". Lopez had a string of successes with "This is Me... Then", "Rebirth", "Como ama una Mujer" and "Brave". She then took a break to focus on acting and personal life. She recently released her latest album "Love?".

All Jennifer Lopez music videos are listed from most popular to least. The music videos with Jennifer Lopez span her entire career, and include Jennifer Lopez's most popular and most viewed videos, along with her most controversial music videos. This is an effort to collect the best music videos by Jennifer Lopez.
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