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List of Modern Pirates

A list of famous modern pirates from the most recent era of the history of pirates, with lots of pictures and images. The most famous real modern pirate of the 20th century may be Felix von Luckner, but when it comes to maritime piracy there are plenty of other modern pirates. Pirate history is as old as boats themselves. Pirates have long been the scourge of merchants. Today, the news is filled with stories of Somali pirates. A few of them can be found on this list of the most famous modern pirates of the 20th century.
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    Boysie Singh

  2. 2
    1950 More
  3. 3

    Dan Seavey

    1867 More
  4. 4
    1881 More
  5. 5
    1917 More
  6. 6
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    Asad 'Booyah' Abdulahi

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    Abdul Hassan

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