List of Most Commonly Abused Medications

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Here is a list of the most commonly abused medicines in the US. Prescription drug abuse is often a cited as a gateway to hard drug use. Many times patients are prescribed medications for a justifiable reasons and users become addicted to the drugs they have been put on by doctors. These medications need to be used with care. This list is for informational purposes only. A lot of people use medications without knowing what they are for and that is bad. See our list of common diseases to help you understand what treatments are available but please see a doctor before taking any medication. Also you may be interested in the diseases of circulatory system or the rare skin diseases.

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    Nalorphine Nalline

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    Muscle Rigidity, Spasticity, Muscle Spasms Equinil, Miltown

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    Propoxyphene Pain

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    Levomethadyl ORLAAM

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    Meperidine Demerol

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    Camphorated tincture of opium Paregoric

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