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Rare Skin Diseases

Your risk of getting one of these rare skin diseases isn't very high, but here is a list of rare skin disorders for you to peruse as you scratch away at what looks like poison ivy. Rare dermatological conditions should be diagnosed by a doctor or better yet a dermatologist that specializes in rare diseases of the skin. Just reading this list of rare skin infections without context from a doctor will cause a hypochondriac to barricade the doors and never have skin to skin human contact again. For the rest of us, we still need to apply sunscreen daily.

It's good to know about rare diseases that you could possibly get but its much better to figure out what diseases are common so that you know what to look out for. Check out these Common Diseases. Also check out these nervous system diseases as those will really ruin your day if you happen to miss the signs. Finally if you are having stomach issues you may want to see the digestive system diseases.

This list seeks to answer what are rare skins diseases?

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    Diffuse diseases of connective tissue, Skin Disorder

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    Sweets syndrome or neutrophilic dermatosis

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    Cancer, Genetic disorder

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    Goltz syndrome

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    Recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa

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    Morgellon’s disease


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