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film List of Scandal Movie Writers

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This is a list of writers who wrote the film Scandal. Often times there are multiple writers for a film like this, so here’s a list of everyone who wrote Scandal. From the people who did re-writes on Scandal to those who wrote the original screenplay for Scandal, this is a list of everyone with a writing credit in the movie Scandal. List features writers like Akira Kurosawa, Rob Cohen and more!

This list answers the questions, "Who wrote Scandal?" and "Which writers wrote Scandal?"
Akira Kurosawa is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list List of Scandal Movie Writers
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Akira Kurosawa was a Japanese filmmaker. Regarded as one of the most important and influential filmmakers in the history of cinema, Kurosawa directed 30 films in a career spanning 57 years. Kurosawa entered the Japanese film industry in 1936, following a brief stint as a painter. After years of ...more

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Age: Died at 88 (1910-1998)

Birthplace: Shinagawa, Japan

Nationality: Japan

Films Written: High and Low, Dreams, Rashomon, Hakuchi The Sea is Watching, + more

Subjects: Prison, Train, Tragedy, Runaway train Sengoku period, + more

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Michael Thomas is a screenwriter. ...more

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Films Written: Burke & Wills, Welcome to Woop Woop, The Hunger, Countryman Backbeat, + more

Subjects: Lesbian vampire, Lesbian, Bisexuality, Uday Hussein Burke and Wills expedition

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Ottavio Jemma is an Italian screenwriter. He has written 41 films since 1959. ...more

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Age: 90

Birthplace: Salerno, Italy

Nationality: Italy

Films Written: Scandal, Fantabulous Inc., Malicious, Conviene far bene l'amore The Libertine, + more

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Ryûzô Kikushima is a screenwriter. ...more

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Age: Died at 75 (1914-1989)

Birthplace: Kofu, Japan

Nationality: Japan

Films Written: High and Low, Rokunin no ansatsusha, The King's Move, Kokushi Muso Sanjuro, + more

Subjects: Tragedy, World War II, Aviation, Yakuza

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Salvatore Samperi was an Italian film director. His 1973 film Malicious was entered into the 23rd Berlin International Film Festival and his 1979 film Ernesto was entered into the 29th Berlin International Film Festival. ...more

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Age: Died at 65 (1944-2009)

Birthplace: Padua, Veneto, Eurasia, Italy Province of Padua

Nationality: Italy

Films Written: Scandal, Malicious, Nenè, Ernesto Cuore di mamma

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