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Best Shakira Music Videos

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Shakira official music videos as found on MTV, VH1 and YouTube. Shakira, a Colombian singer/songwriter/dancer. Though she has been performing since the early 90's, she did not find world-wide success until 1998 with her album, "¿Dónde Están los Ladrones?" which sold over 7 million units. In 2001 she broke through to the English-speaking world with her album "Laundry Service" and its hit singles "Whenever, Whenever", "The One" and "Objection". She has since released three more studio albums, the dual "Oral Fixation" Vol 1 & 2 (which had one of the best selling singles of the early 2000's in "Hips Don't Lie") and "She Wolf"

Shakira has won 2 Grammys, Seven Latin Grammys, 12 Billboard Latin Music Awards and was even nominated for a Golden Globe.

What are the best Shakira music videos? This list will answer that question.

All Shakira music videos are listed from most popular to least. The Shakira songs featured in these music videos span albums from the artist's entire career, and include Shakira's most popular and most viewed videos, along with sexy or controversial music videos. This is an effort to collect the best music videos by Shakira for fans and newcomers alike.
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    Shakira - Hips Don't Lie ft. Wyclef jean

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