List of Super Mario Characters: All Mario Characters Unite! Fictional Characters
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List of Super Mario Characters: All Mario Characters Unite!

Here is a list of all Super Mario characters. The Super Mario characters have appeared in a multitude of Mario video games. The character in the Mario universe are usually included in all of the Mario expended universe games as well as their traditional roles in Mario's adventures.

 All Mario characters have popped up in Mario games, and Mario shows. This list of Mario characters includes Mario characters with pictures including Super Mario villains. The Mario and Luigi characters are amongst the fan favorite Mario Brother characters. Even Yoshi, one of the most popular Mario game characters, makes it on here. 

Did we miss your favorite Mario character? Were the pictures of Mario characters up to par? These characters from Mario can be played in multiple games that you can find in our list of all Mario games. 

 Some of these Super Mario Bros characters have been around for decades, other Mario character names you may not be familiar with, but we have them here looking good in their Mario character pictures. So you will get to see the Mario characters names and pictures. Some may not be your favorite Mario Brothers characters, but you will find all the best Mario Bros characters here. 

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    Kammy Koopa

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