List of Video Editing Software Software
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List of Video Editing Software

List Criteria: Only video editing software, no other types of software

A list of video editing software. For many engineers, editors and other persons in either the film or television business, knowing what is the top video editing software is not only essential for the efficiency of their job, but for their sanity as well. Why is that? For starters, working with a platform that is compatible with their computer helps, but also is the most up-to-date and top of the line doesn't hurt either. With all of the different types of video editing software being developed today, editors are able to pick and choose what software to use. A lot of course, comes down to personal preference. Video editing software that works for a PC, like Avid, may not function with a Mac, and the same goes for FinalCut, which is a Mac tool.

The video editing software on this list is used by film studios, television stations and independent editors. Again, a lot of this comes down to personal preference when ranking what is the best editing software. The list isn't limited to big name developers either. Adobe, Sony, Apple and Microsoft. If a company makes a solid product, then it's likely that it will be on this list.

Take a look and check out what brands of video editing software made this list.  
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    GNU General Public License

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  2. 27

    Kino GNU General Public License

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  3. 28


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  4. 29

    LiVES GNU General Public License

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  5. 30

    Manual Shake Smoother

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  6. 31

    Commercial License

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  7. 32

    Montage Extreme

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  8. 33


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  9. 34

    Movie Edit Pro

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  10. 35

    MPEG editXpress

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  11. 36

    MPEG Video Wizard

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  12. 37

    MPEG Video Wizard DVD

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  13. 38


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  14. 39

    muvee autoProducer 6.0

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  15. 40

    muvee Reveal 8.0

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  16. 41

    Muvy NLE

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  17. 42


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  18. 43

    Nero Vision

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  19. 44


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  20. 45

    NewsCutter Adrenaline Proprietary software, Commercial License

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  21. 46

    Open Movie Editor

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  22. 47

    OpenShot Video Editor GNU General Public License

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  23. 48


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  24. 49

    Proprietary software

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  25. 50

    Pinnacle VideoSpin

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