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The Best Of @CelebSightings

Celebrity sightings of the hottest celebrities in real time. Where are the hottest celebs right now? Only @celebsightings knows. Lucky for the world, they’re dishing. That’s what makes @celebsightings worthy of the Best of Twitter title. They cover every celebrity news events you could possibly want to know. Check out at or for celebrity gossip before it breaks.
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    RIGHT NOW DWTS Derek Hough

    RIGHT NOW: DWTS' Derek Hough @ World Market @ Grove. Solo, looking @ popcorn bowls, front of store, waiting-ish. Thx, J (Tues 6:35)
  2. 2

    RIGHT NOW Ashely Tidale Jordan Johnson

    RIGHT NOW: Ashley Tidale + Jordan Johnson leaving Hollywood & Highland laughing. (Tues 5:08pm)
  3. 3

    RIGHT NOW Perez Hilton

    RIGHT NOW: Perez Hilton @equinox sunset. White T, blue bare leg shorts. Skinny, barely recognized-1/2 way btw snooki + situation. (Mon6:3p)
  4. 4

    RIGHT NOW Nick Hogan

    RIGHT NOW: Nick Hogan leaving Hama Sushi in Venice. Driving Mercedes w/ Florida plates. License plate "V-DOZEN". GoTeam HB! (Sat 10:59pm)
  5. 5

    RIGHT NOW Biggest Loser trainer Bob

    RIGHT NOW: Biggest Loser trainer Bob @Starbucks in boys town. He lost his parking ticket to get out of the lot. (Fri 10:35am)
  6. 6

    RIGHT NOW Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush

    RIGHT NOW: Kim Kardashian + Reggie Bush just walked in to Parlor in SM to watch Natl Championship. (Th 6:39pm)

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