10 People Who Tragically Died While Live Streaming Themselves

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When a person dies on video, it's a form of immortality. That mysterious line between life and death has been captured, and will remain there forever as a document. Dying while live streaming is a particularly sad way to go, because everyone can see it both live and for eternity. Of course, that might be part of the appeal.

People killed while live streaming experience the unimaginable, and they do it while viewers experience an equally unimaginable horror show. Live stream deaths are as traumatic as they are transgressive, and many of them are not legally allowed to be removed from the internet!

Some live streaming deaths are self-inflicted, but some are the results of random violence or auto accidents. Some victims are performers, whose fans may or may not have run to help; some are desperate teens, who felt there was nowhere else to turn; some are happy citizens who were innocently enjoying a sunny day with their families. In the realm of live stream deaths, Facebook deaths are the most common, and many involve the use of guns. Death can occur anywhere and at any time, and these videos are a testament to the fragility of life, to how easily that mysterious line can be crossed.

**Warning: Graphic and disturbing content.**

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