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Man, I Didn't Need To See That!

List Criteria: Vote up on the most disturbing image.

*WARNING* This list contains extremely disturbing images. Have you ever been watching a news entertainment show, or surfing the internet, or watching a movie, and see something that just really grosses you out. Here are 15 photos that will make you say, " Man, I Didn't Need To See That". I promise you this is one of my lists that you will not enjoy.
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    Sacha Baron Cohen In Green Speedo

  2. 2
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    Fantasia Barrino In A Bikini

  3. 3
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    Janice Dickinson In A Bikini

  4. 4
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    Donatella Versace In A Bikini

  5. 5
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    Courtney Love In A Bikini

  6. 6
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    Tara Reid In A Bikini

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