Best Marvel Comics Animated Movies Films

Best Marvel Comics Animated Movies

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List of animated movies based on Marvel Comics. These are animated films that star Marvel characters and take place within the Marvel Universe. While Marvel Comics began in 1939 and entered its modern incarnation in 1961, movies based on Marvel Comics did not really begin being made until the turn of the century.

What are the best Marvel animated movies? While there had been a few flops and low budget films made, it wasn't until "X-Men" (released in 2000) that Hollywood really took notice and the animated movies started production. Since then, many Marvel animated movies have gone on to become quite popular. Marvel's relationship with Hollywood culminated in 2009 when The Walt Disney Company purchased Marvel Entertainment for $4.2 billion.
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    Curt Geda, Bob Richardson, Steven E Gordon More
    Year of Release: 2006
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    Sam Liu More
    Year of Release: 2010
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    new! Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

    Year of Release: 2008
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    Frank Paur, Sam Liu More
    Year of Release: 2009
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    Thor: Tales of Asgard

    Year of Release: 2011
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    Frank Paur More
    Year of Release: 2007
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    Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme

    Year of Release: 2007
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    Will Meugniot, Dick Sebast, Curt Geda More
    Year of Release: 2006
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