19 Marvel-DC Mashup Heroes You Wish Were Real

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List Criteria: Vote up the DC-Marvel mashup superheroes whose comics you would actually buy.

One of the most divisive questions in all of Geekdom is: Marvel or DC? For decades now, nerds have drawn lines in the sand over the two publishing giants, but illustrator and character designer Eric Guzman drew something way cooler: fan art of Marvel and DC superheroes combined. 

Commonly referred to as "Amalgams" after the short-lived comic book line, these mashups of Marvel and DC characters destroy the "one or the other" mentality, while simultaneously highlighting the aspects that make them unique. By fusing the best elements of two awesome superheroes (or villains) and adding his own personal style, Guzman is creating something greater than the sum of its parts.

Check out his DeviantArt, his personal website, and his Twitter for even more spectacular illustrations and cool stuff in general. 

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