Total Nerd The Most Glaring Plot Holes in Marvel Movies  

Erik Barnes
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List Rules Plot holes in any Marvel Studios film. Vote up those that are too glaring to ignore.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is booming at the box office and entertaining millions of moviegoers, but there are still several plot holes in Marvel movies. In trying to to tie all the films together, Marvel movie plot holes are bound to happen, but some leaps in logic are harder to swallow than others.

While many Marvel film plot holes are forgivable, there are some Hulk-sized holes that are too big to overlook. Here is a list of the some of the worst plot holes in Marvel movies. Vote up the narrative issues in Marvel Studios films that actually bug you.
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Does Cap really need to stay on the plane to wreck it?

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It's brave of Cap to crash the plane that would've destroyed New York in Captain America: The First Avenger, but it's also completely unnecessary for him to stay inside. He knows enough about flying to put the plane into a nosedive, so why not grab a parachute and jump out? Or just jump out since the super-solider serum would likely allow him to survive? Or just turn the plane around until a better solution is found? He'd live a full life in his own time if he would just do a little thinking instead of talking about dancing.
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Why does Thanos give up the Mind Stone?

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So Thanos's big goal is to collect all the Infinity Stones to achieve godlike power, right? But he needs help collecting the Tesseract a.k.a. the Space Stone from Earth. So he gives Loki a powerful scepter that contains one of the Stones to retrieve it. Why would Thanos do that?

If he's trying to collect and protect the stones, why would he risk unnecessarily losing one to gain another? In fact, he did lose it! The Mind Stone he gave to Loki ends up embedded in Vision's forehead. So now he has to recover that stone AND the Tesseract. For an intergalactic tyrant, he sure isn't that smart.
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Do the Avengers know that Agent Coulson is alive?

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Agent Coulson's death in The Avengers was a pivotal moment for the team to assemble, but now that Coulson is alive, do the Avengers know? Joss Whedon says that the team has been kept in the dark, but how is that possible?

Coulson has done missions with Lady Sif, so does she keep that a secret from Thor? After clearing out all of the Hydra agents in SHIELD, how do Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Cap not know about Coulson? It's going to be an awkward moment when the team finally finds out.
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How and when does Loki replace Odin?

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At the end of Thor: The Dark World, Loki slyly reveals he faked his death and is posing as Odin using his shapeshifting powers. How did Loki usurp Odin? When did he take him out? Did Loki have help?