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McDonald's Secret Menu Items

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This full list of McDonald's secret menu items includes all the best off menu options at McD's. Many people ask: Is there a secret menu at McDonalds? These hidden menu items at McDonald's will make every meal a happy meal. So, does McDonalds have a secret menu? Some of McDonald's off-menu items are seasonal while some are even regional. Not to worry, this McDonald's secret menu items list will come in handy. Just pick the best McDonald's hidden menu item and order away!

If you're more of a Burger King kind of person then there's nothing wrong with checking out the Burger King secret menu items, especially the Suicide Burger...looks like a beast of a meal! As for burger places and hidden menu's, the In-N-Out secret menu items are always a fan favorite, but everyone has their own preference. Some restaurants also have better secret menu items than others (Taco Bell hidden menu items...only 3 items? Weak). Enjoy whatever secret menu item you eat next!

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    Coke Float

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    Coke can be paired with ice cream at any McDonald's. Even chocolate ice cream. Chocolate ice cream, you say? Yes, it's like some kind of crazy delicious pairing that you can try for yourself at your local fast foodery.

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    Chicken and Waffles

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    You may know Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles as the leader in combining breakfast foods and fried deliciousness, but do they have a McGriddle sandwich with chicken in the middle? No, no they do not. This is something you can only find under the golden arches and there is no better way to start (or end) the day.

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    If you're in the South, this is a fast food must-have. The McDonald's biscuits and gravy are a breakfast treat that will make you curse your local McD's should you just be visiting a restaurant that serves these creamy gems. If you're feeling real rowdy, see what other menu items you can get them to add gravy to. One of those egg white McMuffins would be about 100x more delicious with some gravy oozing out the sides.

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    All American

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    A normal-sized hamburger with just pickles and ketchup. No need to get fancy. Plus, we all know that pickles make everything better, so this simple treat is sure to put a smile on your face without throwing the hurt on your wallet.

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    Only available in March, the McLeprechaun is the Shamrock Shake plus the chocolate shake. There's no need to seek out the bounty at the end of the rainbow when this shake is readily available to wrap your lips around. It's two shakes in one and it is glorious.

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    Big McChicken

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    The chicken patties replace the bun. Let me repeat, the chicken patties replace the bun. Similar in a way to the gut-busting Double Down at KFC, this is either an Atkins-lover's dream or a dieter's worst nightmare. Just fried things and meat all over the place.

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    Even gentiles can appreciate the delicious combination of fried potato and apples. Order your hash browns with a side of apples and packet of honey for a sweet, fresh breakfast.

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    Animal Style McCheese Fries

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    In 'N' Out ain't the only place to get wild on your cheese fries. As for an extra side of Big Mac sauce when your order your Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger, then add cheese and onions (from your burger), and the sauce to your fries. Boom. Animal-style perfection, without driving to California.

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    Stawberry Eggnog Shake

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    According to Hack the Menu, this seasonal shake is only available during December (when the fast food joint is already serving up it's beloved eggnog shake). We like to think that adding the strawberry (a fruit) makes it healthier.

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    Monster Mac

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    If replacing the standard Big Mac patties with Quarter Pounder slabs to make a McKinley Mac wasn't enough for you, prepare yourself for the Monster Mac! Eight pieces of Mac meat make up this fast food monstrosity that probably contains more calories than would be advisable to consume in a week, let alone in one burger. Make sure to stretch properly before attempting this burger behemoth.

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    Grilled Cheese

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    Yup, every McD's has these. Just a bun with grilled American cheese inside. So good yet so simple. You didn't really want a meat patty getting in the way of your gooey, delicious cheese anyway.

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    Land, Sea & Air Burger

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    Combine a beef, chicken AND Filet-O-Fish patty between one very strained bun and you've got a burger with dead animals from all walks of life! It sounds like a little bit of overkill, but once you have this animal party happening in your mouth, you're never going to go back to a world where suckers only eat ONE kind of animal at a time.

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    McFancy Aoli

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    Insider tip: aoli is just fancy mayo. Combine a packet of mayo from McD's with a packet of hot sauce (or any of their sauces) for a spicy condiment that's way better than ketchup.

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    Bulletproof McCafe

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    You've heard of the Bulletproof (coffee + butter) trend taking the foodie world by storm? Make your own with McDonald's admittedly excellent brew. Just ask for a few butter packets when you order morning cup, and stir it up. Close enough, right?

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