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McDonald's Secret Menu Items

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This full list of McDonald's secret menu items includes all the best off menu options at McD's. Many people ask; Is there a secret menu at Mcdonalds? These hidden menu items at McDonald's will make every meal a happy meal. So, does McDonalds have a secret menu? Some of McDonald's off-menu items are seasonal while some are even regional. Not to worry, this McDonald's secret menu items list will come in handy whenever and wherever you are. Just pick the best McDonald's hidden menu item and order away!

If you're more of a Burger King kind of person than there's nothing wrong with checking out the Burger King secret menu items, especially the Suicide Burger...looks like a beast of a meal! As for burger places and hidden menu's I am still going to have to side with the In-N-Out secret menu items being my favorite. But, everyone has their own preference. Furthermore, I was a bit dissatisfied with the Taco Bell hidden menu items...only 3 items for Taco Bell? That's a bit weak if you ask me. But, anywho I hope you enjoy whatever secret menu item you eat next!

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    Tracing its origins back to Daytona Beach, the McGangBang (as it's colorfully known) is achieved by stuffing a Dollar Menu chicken sandwich into a double cheeseburger. The result is a massive sandwich that costs about $2. Gives new meaning to more bang for your buck.

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