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If the question "what are the meaning behind Megan Fox's tattoos" keeps you up at night then worry no more. Megan Fox's tattoos give insight into the young actress yet remain private at the same time. From her ode to icon Marilyn Monroe with the now-removed tattoo on her forearm to her very personal tattoo for husband Brian Austin Green below her belt, Megan Fox's tattoos are partly about her and partly about those she loves, or once loved and they all have a great deal of meaning to her.

The "Transformers" actress has never been shy about talking about her tattoos, even telling a magazine once that she enjoys getting inked as "every time I get another tattoo, it's like a little F-you to anyone who told me not to." No word on if someone urged her against getting the portrait of fellow bombshell Marilyn Monroe on her arm but either way that is one mistake Fox has regretted on her own. Using laser therapy, Fox has been getting the iconic star tattoo removed, stating that Marilyn is a "negative character."

The majority of Megan Fox's tattoos are words, such as the name Brian on her hip, or her many quotes across her back and ribcage. These quotes speak of heartbreak, such as her quote about a little girl learning about love, and nudge at the entertainment industry, with her Shakespeare quote about gilded butterflies.

What tattoos does Megan Fox have? There is photographic evidence of at least eight tattoos, including the removed Marilyn portrait, though rumors persist that the starlet has more. Among the rumors talk of ink on her inner thigh and buttocks however those rumors could not be confirmed.
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