What Causes Memory Loss? Diseases / Medical Conditions
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What Causes Memory Loss?

List of diseases that include memory loss as a symptom. Any major, well-known medical conditions associated with memory loss are included below, listed alphabetically with photos when available. Any maladies, sicknesses or illnesses with memory loss as a symptom can be seen below. For any real, further diagnosis of something you feel you might have, please consult a doctor. This list includes information about each disease, such as what can cure the disease and what risks are associated with it. List contains items like Parkinson's disease and Stroke.

This list answers the questions, "What risks are associated with memory loss?" and "What disease can I have if I have memory loss?"
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    Apraxia, Disinhibition, Agnosia

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    Apraxia, Aggression, Pathological laughing and crying

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    Coma, Amnesia, Hallucination

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    Joint pain, Vital Exhaustion, Lack of Concentration

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    Astasia-abasia, Amnesia, Agitation

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    Joint pain, Dyspnea, Raynaud's phenomenon

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    Bell's palsy, Radiculopathy, Malaise

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    Optic papillitis, Horner's syndrome, Dyspnea

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    Drooling, Hypomimia, Tremor

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    Hyperreflexia, Dizziness, Vision loss

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