Memphis Grizzlies You'd Take into a Fight Basketball Players
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Memphis Grizzlies You'd Take into a Fight

List Criteria: Current Grizzlies Players Only

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  1. 1
    Up 41
    Down 7
    Pros: Rhinoceros shoulders, able to produce self contained gravitational field, forearm shivers

    Cons: Very limited vertical force, top heavy
  2. 2
    Up 36
    Down 7
  3. 3
    Up 35
    Down 7
    Pros: Tenacity, Wolverine-like endurance, berserker rage, serious arm guns

    Cons: He's crazy, very likely friendly-fire liability
  4. 4
    Up 20
    Down 10
  5. 5
    Up 16
    Down 12
  6. 6
    Up 13
    Down 9

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