Men Who Resent Their Parents For Having Them Circumcised People
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Men Who Resent Their Parents For Having Them Circumcised

Celebrities against circumcision are mostly celebrities who wish their parents didn't get them circumcised. Circumcision is a topic of debate, should we or shouldn't we? This list of celebs who oppose circumcision includes many famous men who would rather have kept possession of their foreskins (tho many of them were circumcised later in life, which is certainly different than having that happen to you as a baby).

Who are some famous men who have been circumcised? Why do celebs oppose circumcision? Even though the health benefits of circumcision out weigh non circumcisions for some reason these guys just wish the choice had been theirs, but I also bet that they wouldn't like to be a 30-something-year-old man contemplating circumcision and are probably really glad they can't remember the process, or the healing.

From Ben Affleck circumcision opinions, to Marc Christian (Rock Hudson's boyfriend) and his stance on the procedure, read on to learn more about where these circumcised celebrities stand on the issue.

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    Ben Affleck was reportedly circumcised after suffering an injury. Jon Stewart brought it up briefly on the Daily Show of September 19, 2006, and Affleck said, "I hate the circumcisions! Get enough in me, and I'll tell you how much I hate them!"

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    James K. Baxter

    In a letter to Robert Burns, Baxter wrote "The Plunket nurse ran in
    To scissor off my valued foreskin,
    But one thing staggered that grimalkin:
    Poets are born with three balls."

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    At the age of seven, in 1914, about the time that he went to boarding school and his father went away to war, he was circumcised. ... Auden's operation remained an unpleasant memory.

    also RANKED
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    Capra contacted gonorrhoea after a one-night stand with a woman. He sought treatment at an underground "clap-shack" which cured him until the next random he slept with. This time, the quack doctor Capra consulted suggested a radical remedy: adult circumcision. "The son of a bitch cut everything off!" Capra later wailed. The operation left Capra hunched over in agony, bleeding into a rag -- and sexually crippled for the rest of his life.

  5. 5

    Marc Christian

    He was actor Rock Hudson's last boyfriend.

  6. 6

    Chuck Edwards

    Dear George:
    I happen to feel the same way you do. I am Catholic and curious as to how many inches I lost in that hospital back in the 30s....
    _C[huck] E[dwards]
    - Blueboy, September 1994

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