Men Who Resent Their Parents For Having Them Circumcised People

Men Who Resent Their Parents For Having Them Circumcised

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Celebrities against circumcision are mostly celebrities who wish their parents didn't get them circumcised. Circumcision is a topic of debate, should we or shouldn't we? This list of celebs who oppose circumcision includes many famous men who would rather have kept possession of their foreskins (tho many of them were circumcised later in life, which is certainly different than having that happen to you as a baby).

Who are some famous men who have been circumcised? Why do celebs oppose circumcision? Even though the health benefits of circumcision out weigh non circumcisions for some reason these guys just wish the choice had been theirs, but I also bet that they wouldn't like to be a 30-something-year-old man contemplating circumcision and are probably really glad they can't remember the process, or the healing.

From Ben Affleck circumcision opinions, to Marc Christian (Rock Hudson's boyfriend) and his stance on the procedure, read on to learn more about where these circumcised celebrities stand on the issue.

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    Ben Affleck was reportedly circumcised after suffering an injury. Jon Stewart brought it up briefly on the Daily Show of September 19, 2006, and Affleck said, "I hate the circumcisions! Get enough in me, and I'll tell you how much I hate them!"
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    In a letter to Robert Burns, Baxter wrote "The Plunket nurse ran in
    To scissor off my valued foreskin,
    But one thing staggered that grimalkin:
    Poets are born with three balls."
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    W. H. Auden
    Photo: Freebase/Public domain
    At the age of seven, in 1914, about the time that he went to boarding school and his father went away to war, he was circumcised. ... Auden's operation remained an unpleasant memory.
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    Frank Capra
    Photo: Freebase/Public domain
    Capra contacted gonorrhoea after a one-night stand with a woman. He sought treatment at an underground "clap-shack" which cured him until the next random he slept with. This time, the quack doctor Capra consulted suggested a radical remedy: adult circumcision. "The son of a bitch cut everything off!" Capra later wailed. The operation left Capra hunched over in agony, bleeding into a rag -- and sexually crippled for the rest of his life.
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    Marc Christian

    He was actor Rock Hudson's last boyfriend.
  6. 6

    Chuck Edwards

    Dear George:
    I happen to feel the same way you do. I am Catholic and curious as to how many inches I lost in that hospital back in the 30s....
    _C[huck] E[dwards]
    - Blueboy, September 1994
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    Dick Gregory
    Photo: Freebase/Public domain
    There is no direct quote regarding this, but his friends say he did not shy away from talking about it.
  8. 8
    Ranker Video v
    3:20 mark: "I still sometimes brood on the missing bits."
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    A. E. Housman
    Photo: Freebase/Public domain
    According to his sister. Housman's own reaction is not recorded, but several facts are suggestive. His poetry is preoccupied with "lads" (who would virtually all have been intact) and their death by violence, he was fascinated by Greek and Roman antiquities, especially nude male statues, his work was the restoration of incomplete and mutilated texts, and he told an enquirer his poetry was the result of a physical condition.
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    There is no direct quote regarding this, but people said that Rock Hudson was upset he was circumcised, This could have come from being with Marc Christian, his last boyfriend who was said to be very controlling of Hudson.
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    JFK was circumcised for "tight foreskin problems" (that is, unnecessarily) at the age of 21 in the Mayo Clinic in February 1938 while he was a student at Harvard.
    Although he wrote to his gay confidante and roommate K. LeMoyne ("Lem") Billings,
    "... as for your rather unnatural interest in my becoming circumsized [sic], J.J. has never been in better shape or doing better service"
    - JFK: Reckless Youth by Nigel Hamilton
    this is put in context by a more detailed comment:
    "When you're circumcised at a much later age like that, you think of it as a kind of castration, a threat to manhood, so you have to keep on proving 'IT' is o.k. by any means possible."
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    Alan told his friend [Fred Clayton] how much he resented having being circumcised.
  13. 13
    My first memory? A first memory of violence, being circumcised at the age of three. There were good medical reasons for it, of course. [Perhaps.] Nevertheless, I remember it vividly - it was very unpleasant!
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    At the age of six, Joseph Kallinger, an abandoned orphan later taken in by a Catholic couple in Philadelphia, had to go into hospital for a hernia operation. When he came home his father Stephen, a poor German immigrant working as a shoemaker, explained what the doctor had done.
    'He fixed your hernia ... but he also fixed ... your little bird.'
    In the Kallinger home, 'bird' was the euphemism for penis.
    'What's wrong with my little bird?' Joe asked.
    'An evil spirit ... a demon makes your bird get hard and stick out so you do bad things with it. Then your soul goes to the Devil when you die ... but you won't have no demon, because your bird will always be small, small, small!'
    - Christiane Olivier
    Jocasta's Children: The Imprint of the Mother
    Routledge, London and NY, 1989
    For the rest of his life Joseph Kallinger ... was to suffer ... violent, overwhelming anxieties about the size and performance of his penis, with recurring episodes of impotence. ... the terror, and the rage against the terror, of being a 'No-Dick' set Kallinger's feet on the trail of the series of hideous sexual murders with which 'The Shoemaker' terrorised a 1960s America drunk on dreams of peace and love.
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    Lincoln Kirstein
    Photo: Freebase/Fair use
    His father called in the family doctor instead of the traditional mohel, to carry out the procedure, but after botching the job, "septicemia set in, and Lincoln nearly dies.["] To save him, the sweat glands in his groin were surgically removed, leaving physical and psychological scars, locker-room concealments, and castration nightmares that would haunt Lincoln into adolescence.
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    Sir Geoffrey Langdon Keynes

    Both he and his brother were circumcised in childhood (Geoffrey at three; if at the same time, Maynard was seven) to stop them from masturbating. Geoffrey never forgave their parents.
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    Tom Leykis
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    Tom: My opinion is ... I think that people should get to decide that stuff for themselves.
    Caller: That's what I said.
    Tom: It shouldn't be decided by rabbis, or the family, or anybody else... I think it's barbaric.
  18. 18

    Wink Musselman

    "I may have foreskin-reattachment surgery.
    I’ll either come back as a woman
    or with my foreskin reattached."
  19. 19

    Jason Paige

    Jason Paige speaks about his circumcision for the "Beyond The Bris" project.
  20. 20
    Erik Rhodes
    Photo: Freebase/CC-BY
    From his blog:

    Anonymous asked
    Hi Erik have you lost sensitivity since you got circumcised ? I read that you regret it, why is that ?
    First off, Everyone was complaining saying it looked deformed and well… it was. The first doctor that did it, really f***ed it up… he, after months of leading me along saying that i had extra swelling… finally admitted he messed it up saying he would correct it and that "he was sorry"… Really, your sorry? Who wants to hear i’m sorry from the doctor who’s performing surgery on your penis? I swear, in my eyes, its as bad as a surgeon saying sorry that he f***ed up your face…
    anyways, after losing sleep about this a**hole doing surgery on my dick again, i said to myself there is no way in hell that i could let the same guy who did this to me… try it again… i mean what if he messed up worse? So after doing 3 movies with my jacked up dick… i finally had a better surgeon do the correction. Which included having to cut my nut sack open and resetting where it hung… what fun.
    So to answer the question, after getting all that out… yes i do regret it. I should have just looked for other options before letting some crazy a**hole take a knife to my dick and yes i have lost sensitivity. Its just not the same. Granted… it looks so much better now… as in after the second time around. Uncut cock is hot and i wish it was still intact.
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