Men Who Resent Their Parents For Having Them Circumcised People
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Men Who Resent Their Parents For Having Them Circumcised

Celebrities against circumcision are mostly celebrities who wish their parents didn't get them circumcised. Circumcision is a topic of debate, should we or shouldn't we? This list of celebs who oppose circumcision includes many famous men who would rather have kept possession of their foreskins (tho many of them were circumcised later in life, which is certainly different than having that happen to you as a baby).

Who are some famous men who have been circumcised? Why do celebs oppose circumcision? Even though the health benefits of circumcision out weigh non circumcisions for some reason these guys just wish the choice had been theirs, but I also bet that they wouldn't like to be a 30-something-year-old man contemplating circumcision and are probably really glad they can't remember the process, or the healing.

From Ben Affleck circumcision opinions, to Marc Christian (Rock Hudson's boyfriend) and his stance on the procedure, read on to learn more about where these circumcised celebrities stand on the issue.

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    My first memory? A first memory of violence, being circumcised at the age of three. There were good medical reasons for it, of course. [Perhaps.] Nevertheless, I remember it vividly - it was very unpleasant!

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    At the age of six, Joseph Kallinger, an abandoned orphan later taken in by a Catholic couple in Philadelphia, had to go into hospital for a hernia operation. When he came home his father Stephen, a poor German immigrant working as a shoemaker, explained what the doctor had done.
    'He fixed your hernia ... but he also fixed ... your little bird.'
    In the Kallinger home, 'bird' was the euphemism for penis.
    'What's wrong with my little bird?' Joe asked.
    'An evil spirit ... a demon makes your bird get hard and stick out so you do bad things with it. Then your soul goes to the Devil when you die ... but you won't have no demon, because your bird will always be small, small, small!'
    - Christiane Olivier
    Jocasta's Children: The Imprint of the Mother
    Routledge, London and NY, 1989
    For the rest of his life Joseph Kallinger ... was to suffer ... violent, overwhelming anxieties about the size and performance of his penis, with recurring episodes of impotence. ... the terror, and the rage against the terror, of being a 'No-Dick' set Kallinger's feet on the trail of the series of hideous sexual murders with which 'The Shoemaker' terrorised a 1960s America drunk on dreams of peace and love.

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    His father called in the family doctor instead of the traditional mohel, to carry out the procedure, but after botching the job, "septicemia set in, and Lincoln nearly dies.["] To save him, the sweat glands in his groin were surgically removed, leaving physical and psychological scars, locker-room concealments, and castration nightmares that would haunt Lincoln into adolescence.

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    Sir Geoffrey Langdon Keynes

    Both he and his brother were circumcised in childhood (Geoffrey at three; if at the same time, Maynard was seven) to stop them from masturbating. Geoffrey never forgave their parents.

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    Tom: My opinion is ... I think that people should get to decide that stuff for themselves.
    Caller: That's what I said.
    Tom: It shouldn't be decided by rabbis, or the family, or anybody else... I think it's barbaric.

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    Wink Musselman

    "I may have foreskin-reattachment surgery.
    I’ll either come back as a woman
    or with my foreskin reattached."

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