Men Who Resent Their Parents For Having Them Circumcised People
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Men Who Resent Their Parents For Having Them Circumcised

Celebrities against circumcision are mostly celebrities who wish their parents didn't get them circumcised. Circumcision is a topic of debate, should we or shouldn't we? This list of celebs who oppose circumcision includes many famous men who would rather have kept possession of their foreskins (tho many of them were circumcised later in life, which is certainly different than having that happen to you as a baby).

Who are some famous men who have been circumcised? Why do celebs oppose circumcision? Even though the health benefits of circumcision out weigh non circumcisions for some reason these guys just wish the choice had been theirs, but I also bet that they wouldn't like to be a 30-something-year-old man contemplating circumcision and are probably really glad they can't remember the process, or the healing.

From Ben Affleck circumcision opinions, to Marc Christian (Rock Hudson's boyfriend) and his stance on the procedure, read on to learn more about where these circumcised celebrities stand on the issue.

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    He talks about realizing something is missing in his poem "Circumcision". I can testify to the truth of the sentiments expressed in this recording, having been circumcised, unnecessarily (if I knew then...) at the age of 16, 26 years ago, following bad advice from an ignorant doctor and surgeon. The sensations possible with a foreskin are widely varying, intensely exciting, deeply satisfying and exquisite, just as nature intended. Without a foreskin? sex is dull, uncompelling, disappointing, and frankly, hardly worth the effort. Circumcision is a damaging mutilation.

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    "... I am circumcised, and I tell you something, I despise it. I despise it. I despise it." "... I dread [rue] the day my parents mutilated me."

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    Andrew Tavani

    I lament the circumcision of my foreskin. A circumcision removes about 70 percent of genital nerve endings. That sounds like a party in my pants. There is no telling what lingering psychological effects I’ve suffered as a result of the pain experienced during my neonatal circumcision.
    It’s vexing that the medical community allows the removal of a body part we could actually find useful. Why not circumcise my appendix at birth instead of my foreskin? My appendix could potentially kill me one day if it bursts and I don’t receive medical attention swiftly.
    My foreskin posed no such diabolical threat. ... I say, save the foreskins.

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