Famous People Supposedly Controlled by MK Ultra

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Even though it sounds like the plot of a Philip K. Dick novel, the government program known as MK Ultra was an actual initiative undertaken by the CIA beginning in 1947 under the code name Operation Paperclip. It’s not the most nefarious sounding name for a government project bent on controlling the minds of the public, but believe it when we tell you, this stuff is spooky. As more information about MK Ultra victims became declassified, more conspiracy theories grew, specifically about celebrities who people believed were under MK Ultra mind control.

Real MK Ultra victims have suffered a variety of methods of mind control. In the '50s, the CIA thought they could get people to do what they wanted by injecting them with high doses of LSD. When that didn’t work, they switched to drugs like barbiturates and amphetamines.

When a lot of this horrific information came out in 1977, the project was supposedly scrapped. But a growing number of people believe that the project continued underground, and began focusing on the only people who could truly influence the mass population: Celebrities. In fact, any time a tangentially famous person begins to act slightly odd, MK Ultra truthers come out of the woodwork claim that the breakdown is evidence of their MK Ultra programming failing. Today we’re taking a closer look at those celebrities who just might be under MK Ultra mind control.

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Collection Photo:  Victor Hugo King via wikimedia
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