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The Most Amusing Athlete Mug Shots

This list of the most amusing athlete mug shots capture those moments when our favorite professional athletes were arrested for one reason or another. Getting arrested is no joke but watching the hilarity ensue when the top players in professional baseball, basketball, football, hockey, golf, and other sports have their goofy mug shots published is priceless. Sports fans: You're welcome.

The best athlete mug shots come in all shapes and sizes but a certain few stand above the rest as the most comical. Perhaps the funniest athlete mug shots come when the athlete in question is making a funny face or smiling from ear to ear. Deion Sanders, Floyd Mayweather, Jr,. Scottie Pippen and Josh Hamilton all put on big smiles for their mug shot photos, which without the placard, could double as a publicity photo.

Other athletes chose to smirk or make a funny face to mock the arrest. NFL receiver Randy Moss bit his lip. MLB star Kirby Puckett looked confused. NBA forward Carmelo Anthony looked slightly annoyed. But it was renowned boxer Mike Tyson that took the cake with his tongue-out mug shot photo.

Even other athletes who were arrested and booked appear visibly not themselves, which often comes with the territory after an arrest for drugs or alcohol. Pro golfer John Daly's mug shot wins that round as the rotund looked a wreck following a 2008 arrest in which he passed out at a North Carolina Hooters restaurant.

Whether these athletes are giving their biggest smile or an intoxicated smirk or anywhere in between, these funny athlete mug shots rival the best celebrity mug shots and provide us with laughs for years to come. Ah, the joys of being a professional athlete!

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