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Most And Least Expensive Colleges In The Philippines Schools/Colleges
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Most And Least Expensive Colleges In The Philippines

Filipino college tuition comparison - 10 of the most prominent Filipino colleges and universities, ranked from highest tuition to lowest tuition. This list of colleges in the Philippines includes annual tuition and in some cases semester tuition at each school. The Philippines college tuition list is taken from 2008 data from the Filipino government.

What are the most expensive colleges in the Philippines? The most and least expensive universities in the Philippines are listed here with yearly tuition rates in Philippine Pesos.
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    Private school, University More
  2. 2
    Private school More
  3. 3
    Private university More
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    Private school, Society of Jesus More
  5. 6
    Private university More
  6. 7
    Private university More
  7. 8
    Catholic school, Private school, Women's college More
  8. 9
    Private school More
  9. 10
    Private university, Private school More

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