The 9 Dumbest Beauty Queen Answers to Simple Questions Anything
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The 9 Dumbest Beauty Queen Answers to Simple Questions

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List of the most awkward Beauty Pageant answers and top Miss America FAILS.  including Miss Utah's 2013 answer to a gender inequality question, Miss South Carolina's geography fail and Miss California's controversial gay marriage question. Funny beauty pageant answers to questions asked by judges is a major reason why Miss America contests are so entertaining. Increasingly, people tune in to hear just what these beauty queens may come up with when pressed to discuss issues that fall out of their areas of expertise.

When Miss Teen South Carolina stumbled over her answer to a question about the American education system during the 2007 Miss Teen USA pageant, her embarrassing "answer"/word vomit became an immediate YouTube sensation. But she is far from the only beauty contestant to give a less-than-stellar answer during her Q&A.Here are the worst beauty pageant answers, ranked by just how cringe-worthy they are.
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    Miss Teen USA, 2007, "Such as the Iraq, Everywhere, Like, Such As.."

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    "We should help the Iraq." This is the crown jewel of beauty pageant fails, where every second feels like a lifetime.

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