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The Most Beautiful Cities in Europe

List of the most beautiful cities in Europe, as ranked by Europeans and world travelers from all over the globe. When any wannabe tourist or expert traveler is planning the dream vacation to beat all vacations, cities in Europe are often on the top of the list. Europe is chock full of gorgeous destinations, including cities filled to the brim with natural wonders, historical buildings and art that puts anyone’s hometown to shame. For travelers who can’t help but dream about lush gardens and breathtaking mountain views, European cities like San Sebastian and Lauterbrunnen are the places to be. Art enthusiasts can’t miss Italian cities like Florence and Venice. For those who dream of strolling through historical sites, Rome, Athens and Munich are incredible locations.


Whether you’re interested in visiting the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or strolling across the London Bridge, Europe is packed with world-famous locations that are perfect for travelers of all kinds. Lesser-known locations like Ferrara, Salzburg and Porto have sights that aren’t as populated by tourists.


What are the most beautiful cities in Europe? The cities featured on this list have among the most beautiful views and sites in all of Europe.

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    Barcelona's Sagrada Familia is one of the largest, most beautiful churches in all the world, and among one of the best features of Barcelona. 

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