The Most Beautiful Cities in the US Cities / Towns
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The Most Beautiful Cities in the US

List of the most beautiful cities in the United States, as ranked by Americans and travelers. America is unique due to its collection of states that each have their own look, culture, and overall atmosphere. By crossing over one city line to the next, you can experience a whole new type of beauty. While one city may be known for its high snow-covered mountains that are home to many skiers, a city only a few hours away could be overflowing with warm, clear-ocean beaches where surfers spend their every waking moment. The beauty of the U.S.’s best cities is as diverse as can be, making the country exciting to explore.


Major cities including New York City and San Francisco are renowned for their skylines and lighted cities at night. Meanwhile, cities such as Sedona and Napa are better known for their natural beauties and small-town charms. Each state has at least one city that is celebrated for the many beautiful sights to behold.


What are the most beautiful cities in the U.S.? This list features only a slice of the cities in America that are notable for their goodlooks. 

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    San Francisco is known for its tech and entertainment culture, but the skyline is what makes it a truly unforgettable city.

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    Seatle's Space Needle makes the skyline one of the most unique in the country. 

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    Honolulu is one of the most beautiful cities in an all-around beautiful state, with many clear blue beaches and historical sites to be enjoyed.

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    Savannah's old Southern features and natural hanging willow trees make it one of the most classic sights in the U.S.

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