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The Most Beautiful College Campuses

List Criteria: Vote up the campuses with the prettiest buildings and grounds

List of the most beautiful college campuses in the U.S. It's true that beauty's in the eye of the beholder but these university campuses are undeniably gorgeous. From the stunning views to the surrounding beaches, these colleges are top on aesthetics and natural beauty. Many are located in some of the coolest college towns in America, too.

Vote for the college campuses that you think are the prettiest, vote down any that you don't like and feel free to add any stunning campuses that are missing. You can also re-rank this list of the most beautiful college campuses any way you want.

What makes a college campus great? Certainly, looks are really important. The top "dream" colleges like Stanford, Harvard and Yale are known for their stunningly beautiful, vast, green campuses. Universities take great pride in the way their campus looks - giving a strong first impression to potential new students.

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    Location: River Forest, Illinois, United States of America
    School type: Private university, Private school
    Tuition: 25560
    Acceptance Rate: 59
    Number of Faculty: 156
    Dominican University : see more

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