The Most Blatant Celebrity Botox

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The most blatant celebrity Botox cases include those celebrities who admit to using the injections, to those who couldn't deny it if they wanted to with their plump and frozen faces giving it away. Like the most obvious celebrity plastic surgery cases, these celebrities didn't stop with a simple Botox injection to smooth a wrinkle or two. They Botoxed and Botoxed some more, and it shows.

Botox injections involve a doctor injecting a very small amount of the botulinum toxin using a syringe into an area of the body, usually the face. The toxin blocks the nerve signals to that area, effectively reducing or eliminating wrinkles. Though it sounds like an extreme measure, many celebrities openly go through the procedure on a regular basis or before a big event, like the Academy Awards. Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Simon Cowell, and Jennie Garth are just a handful of the stars who admit to Botox injections to keep their looks sparkling despite their age.

Other celebrities we might describe as plastic surgery addicts. Celebrities like Joan Rivers, Janice Dickinson, Bruce Jenner, and Kathy Griffin didn't stop with a simple Botox injection here and there; they've had multiple procedures from head to toe. In comparison, their Botox use is perhaps the least obvious body modification they've done, but it happened nonetheless.

How do you identify Botox use? Those who have used Botox allegedly can have droopy eyelids, loose, saggy skin, and even loss of the use of facial muscles causing that expressionless plastic look to be stuck for eternity. Know any celebrities like that? Vote for them below, add them to the list, or re-rank these choices of the most blatant celebrity Botox users below! Celebs with botox are the worst.
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