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Most Clutch NBA Players Today

List Criteria: Exclusively over the last 5 years

This is always a high topic for debate, usually it's a matter of personal opinion. However, using my standards, (The shot is taken in the fourth quarter or overtime with 24 or less seconds left - making it as close to a last possession as we can for filtering stats. The game is tied or the shooters team is down by 1 or 2 points, this way any shot can tie and/or win the game.) you can see if your favorite player is one of the elite crunch time players in the league.

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    7 for 16 | 44%

    Chris Paul is a maestro with the ball in his hands. He's capable of being a 25-30 point scorer on a regular basis but he knows that his team needs him as the world's wisest facilitator. Why isn't he shooting in the first 3 quarters? Because he's the hero his team deserves, but not the one it needs right now. But the 4th quarter he becomes his team's watchful protector.

  2. 3

    8 for 16 | 50%

    I can't help but shed a tear every time I see Brandon Roy's name. Watching Brandon Roy made me feel overjoyed as he posted 10 points through the first 3 quarters, then proceeded to post 14 points in the 4th quarter. He would always permeate success from his teammates, but if all else failed, he would become the behemoth that everyone expected him to be in the 4th. His odd knack for simply being able to score couldn't be controlled when it mattered the most.

  3. 2

    14 for 26 | 54%

    LeBron has always been dominant when it matters most. LeBron has assisted on about as many clutch shots as he's made, which only goes to show how excellent of a decision maker he is. (Pun slightly intended.) LeBron James is every bit Carmelo Anthony's equal in terms of offensive versatility, only LeBron has infinitely more athleticism to boot.

  4. 1

    13 for 24 | 54%

    Carmelo Anthony is an extremely versatile scorer, likely the best in the league. He's quick enough to slide by a pick and pop up a shot. He's strong enough to barrel his way to the rim, past all defenders. Best of all, he's skilled enough to score over any defense that's thrown at him. Simply put, defense doesn't alter Carmelo Anthony's shots in the slightest. Unfortunately at times, it doesn't deter him from taking shots either.

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