The Most Controversial Rick Perry Quotes

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In August of 2011, Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry declared his candidacy for president in 2012, putting to rest weeks of speculation that he'd seek the GOP nomination. And whether he's speaking as a presidential hopeful or a governor, Perry's made some pretty controversial statements on everything from jobs to taxes to the BP oil spill. This is a list of some of the most controversial Rick Perry quotes ever made.

Rick Perry is the state of Texas' longest-serving governor. Perry became governor when George W. Bush resigned to become president. Since then, he's been elected governor three times.Perry is well-known for his no tax, small government views, and several of these quotes reflect those platforms. He's also a conservative Christian, having no problem with publicly expressing his beliefs - like when he asked Texans to literally pray for rain in April of 2011. Apparently his prayers were largely ignored: The summer of 2011 saw the state of Texas in an unprecedented drought with billions of dollars in losses in livestock and crops.

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