Most Debated States in a Event of Civil Fallout US States
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Most Debated States in a Event of Civil Fallout

List Criteria: anything that will keep the feds from wanting to hunt me down. this was an entertainment list only.

with a growing feeling of hopelessness and list of people asking for secason and the emiting of the federal gold revers to be dilverd back to the states. there dose become a question of if bluknesation happen in America what states would be the hardest to devided? here a list of the sates i think would be the biggest issue and who might want them and why.

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    who would want it? Utah, calaforina (west coast collective), the mt west collective
    why would you want it? population (in Vegas and Reno), land, military stockpiles, history, money, Vegas tourism, water rights to part the Colorado river, and lake Tahoe, silver mines,
    who i think would get it? spit utah the unpopulated parts and california gets vegas and reno/carson city.

  2. 2

    who would want it?- the south and the north
    why would they want it?- near dc, government installations, coal, historical sites, government stockpiles, coal, shipping
    who i think would get it?- both, the sate would more likey spilt north and south with richmond being the bigest barging chip.

  3. 3

    who would want it? Vermont, Canada (or just Quebec), the north
    why would they want it? granite, access to Maine, Boston, Vermont and Montreal, has a small port, suburban money.
    who would be most likely to get it? split.

  4. 4

    who would want it? Texas, the south, the planes
    why would they want it? oil, tourist, sports, shipping, history, the Mississippi river, warm farmland
    who i think would get it? the south

  5. 5

    who would want it?- the Midwest, the south, the north
    why would they want it? coal, scenic and possible ski points, collage sports, Highway expansion, a merger point to the Midwest, south and north east.
    who i think would get it- the south or the Midwest

  6. 6

    who would want it? the planes (at least the u.p. if they get Wisconsin), the Midwest, the north
    why would you want it?  water rights to the great lakes, minral and wood in the north, population in suburban areas of detrot, access to Canada and the mid west, shipping on the great lakes.

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