Most Excellent Female Vocalists/Bands Bands/Musicians
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Most Excellent Female Vocalists/Bands

Angry Chick Music: Rock, Punk, Electronic, Rockabilly, Metal, even overly 'peppy' music...If it's a female artist or just a band with a rockin' female lead and I've heard it and loved it, it's here. Alphabetical would be far too hard to choose a favorite!
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  1. 60
    Dance-punk, Rock music, Garage punk More
  2. 59
    Nu metal, Heavy metal, Rap metal More
  3. 58
    Grunge, Power pop, Post-grunge More
  4. 57
    Pop punk, Punk rock More
  5. 56
    Synthpunk, Synthpop, New Wave More
  6. 55
    Indie pop, Indie rock More
  7. 54
    Hard rock, Alternative rock More
  8. 53
    Alternative rock, Punk rock, Indie rock More
  9. 52
    Punk rock, Garage rock, Screamo More
  10. 51
    Electronic music More
  11. 50
    Industrial metal, Rock music, Electronic music More
  12. 49
    Synthpunk, Indie pop, Alternative hip hop More
  13. 48
    Horror punk, Gothic rock, Shock rock More
  14. 47
    Rock music, Heavy metal, Glam rock More
  15. 46
    Dance-punk, Alternative dance, Electronic dance music More
  16. 45
    Indie, Gothic rock, Steampunk More
  17. 44
    Industrial rock, Electronica More
  18. 43
    Alternative rock, Art rock, Art punk More
  19. 42
    Industrial rock More
  20. 41
    Pop punk, Rock music, Emo More
  21. 40
    Nu metal, Groove metal, Spoken word More
  22. 39
    Indie pop, New Wave, Pop music More
  23. 38
    Indie pop, Pop music, Rock music More
  24. 37
    Indie pop, Synthpop, New Wave More
  25. 36
    Riot grrrl, Heavy metal, Punk rock More

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