Most Expensive Homes in California Buildings/Attractions
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Most Expensive Homes in California

Home to entrepreneurs, movie stars, politicians and a slew of other important people, it's no secret that the majority of the most expensive homes in California are located in the Los Angeles area. With high prices come lavish luxuries and these estates feature acres of land, dozens of rooms and enough bathrooms to suit a small army. Though the housing market has seen its share of struggles recently, many of these ridiculous homes top out well over $100 million each.

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    The Spelling Manor

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    Located in the posh Holmby Hills portion of Los Angeles, California, The Spelling Manor, known simply as The Manor, is the one-time home of television magnate Aaron Spelling. The estate is the most expensive home in California at an estimated $125 million and the largest in Los Angeles County at 56,500 square feet. Built in 1988, The Manor has a beauty salon, a doll museum, a flower-cutting room and several rooms dedicated solely to gift wrapping. Candy Spelling, widow to Aaron, sold the massive property in June 2011 for an undisclosed price despite being unable to say how many bathrooms are included.

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