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Most Famous Classical Guitarists

Classical guitarists - A list of the most famous classical guitar players, with photos. These are the most well known classical guitarists (guitar players whose main style is the classical guitar form). Famous classical guitarists come from all over the globe, as the classical guitar style is not tied to any nationality or custom. Some of the most notable classical guitarists in the world are Narciso Yepes and Andres Segovia.

Who are the most famous classical guitar players? Who are some famous classical guitarists? This list includes classical guitar greats from throughout history, including of course many of the most talented classical guitar players today. These prominent classical guitarists are some of the best musicians around, and of course the guitar is probably the single most flexible musical instrument there is.
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    Girolamo Montesardo

  2. 52
  3. 53

    Goran Krivokapi?

  4. 54
    Cavatina, Paganini for Two, From Yesterday to Penny Lane More
  5. 55
    No image
  6. 56

    Gustavo Lopez

  7. 57

    Hucky Eichelmann

  8. 58

    Humberto Bruni Lamanna

  9. 59
    The Works of Ida Presti for Two Guitars (Oliver Chassain and Stein-Erik ... More
  10. 60
  11. 61
  12. 62

    Jerry Willard

    Jerry Willard PLAYS! Four Centuries of Lute and Guitar More
  13. 63
    Not Just Another Pretty Bass More
  14. 64

    Johann Kaspar Mertz

    Romantic Guitar Duets More
  15. 65
  16. 66
    Earthquake, The Green Album, The Classic Film Music of John Williams More
  17. 67
  18. 68
  19. 69
    Veneer, Live at the Wireless FM, Australian Tour EP More
  20. 70
    No image

    José Tomás

  21. 71

    Juanjo Domínguez

  22. 72
    Adagios: Guitar Favorites for Romantic Daydreams, Together: The Ultimate ... More
  23. 73

    Karin Schaupp

    Dreams, Evocation, Layenda More
  24. 74
    Keiko Fujiie Works for Guitar Solo, Kazuhito Yamashita Plays His Favorites ... More
  25. 75

    Kostas Grigoreas

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