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The 13 Most Frequent SNL Hosts

This list of the most frequent SNL hosts is impressive. Sure, most of us know that Alec Baldwin has hosted a lot - but did you know that he's hosted a record number of times?! Yep. Who has hosted SNL the most? Those on this list have graced the SNL stage multiple times, and while most are actors and comedians (and former 'SNL' cast members), at least one musician also made it.

At the moment, there are a dozen members of the so-called "Saturday Night Live Five Timers' Club," meaning they've hosted the show at least five times (some way more than that). Are they the funniest hosts ever? Some are, some aren't (in my opinion). Some who have done the most hosting are ones who I would happily never see on that stage again. I've included plenty of videos, as well, so you can check out the Five Timers past monologues.

Enjoy this list of the most frequent Saturday Night Live hosts, and be sure to vote for your favorites! If you're craving more SNL goodness, check out these lists of the best 'Saturday Night Live' monologues of all time, the top 'SNL' original cast sketches and the best 'SNL' live sketches of the 1990s!

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    The awesomeness that is Christopher Walken has graced the 'SNL' stage as a host seven times. Basically, if he wants to host, he's got a gig. Lorne Michaels likes him that much, and so do I. His monologues are always interesting, and his skits? Well, from 'The Continental' to the (now infamous) 'Behind the Music' Blue Oyster Cult sketch (more cowbell!), they are simly hysterically funny. In 2008, Walken appeared in the skit "Meet the Family" - an instant Walken classic.

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