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The 13 Most Frequent SNL Hosts

This list of the most frequent SNL hosts is impressive. Sure, most of us know that Alec Baldwin has hosted a lot - but did you know that he's hosted a record number of times?! Yep. Who has hosted SNL the most? Those on this list have graced the SNL stage multiple times, and while most are actors and comedians (and former 'SNL' cast members), at least one musician also made it.

At the moment, there are a dozen members of the so-called "Saturday Night Live Five Timers' Club," meaning they've hosted the show at least five times (some way more than that). Are they the funniest hosts ever? Some are, some aren't (in my opinion). Some who have done the most hosting are ones who I would happily never see on that stage again. I've included plenty of videos, as well, so you can check out the Five Timers past monologues.

Enjoy this list of the most frequent Saturday Night Live hosts, and be sure to vote for your favorites! If you're craving more SNL goodness, check out these lists of the best 'Saturday Night Live' monologues of all time, the top 'SNL' original cast sketches and the best 'SNL' live sketches of the 1990s!

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    The awesomeness that is Christopher Walken has graced the 'SNL' stage as a host seven times. Basically, if he wants to host, he's got a gig. Lorne Michaels likes him that much, and so do I. His monologues are always interesting, and his skits? Well, from 'The Continental' to the (now infamous) 'Behind the Music' Blue Oyster Cult sketch (more cowbell!), they are simly hysterically funny. In 2008, Walken appeared in the skit "Meet the Family" - an instant Walken classic.

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    Steve Martin has hosted 'Saturday Night Live' a record 15 times (tied with Alec Baldwin, at least until Baldwin bests him when he hosts in September of 2011). Martin entered the "Five Timer" club when he hosted 'SNL' on April 22, 1978. Since then, he's hosted several additional times, and he delivered a brilliant opening monologue in December of 1991. Just awesome. And no, Martin was never an 'SNL' cast member.

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    Tom Hanks is tied with Chevy Chase: He's hosted 'SNL' eight times. He's definitely one of 'Saturday Night Live's' favorite hosts. His monologues were always great - but his appearances in skits? Off the charts funny!

    In December of 1990, Tom Hanks gained membership into the exclusive "Five Timers" 'SNL' club - a fact he hammers home in his monologue, showing his membership card and then giving viewers a peek into the exclusive club.

    And yes, that IS Conan O'Brien as "Sean!"

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    John Goodman has hosted 'SNL' a dozen times over the decades, joining the "Five Timers" club in May of 1994. He marked his 8th time as a 'Saturday Night Live' host in May of 1997, during the show's 22nd season. In his monologue, Goodman showed off his 70-pound weight loss and then tried to come to grips with the specifics of the show. Which he knows well. Because he's hosted eight times, "Leon!"

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    Bill Murray is an 'SNL' "Five Timer" club member with good reason. As an original cast member, he's one of only two alumni who are in this club (the other being Chevy Chase, the man he eventually replaced in the cast!). Murray hosted his fifth 'Saturday Night Live' show in February of 1999. During that show, Chevy Chase joined him in a great skit about 'Caddyshack.'

    In this monologue from 'SNL' season 6, in March of 1981, an enthusiastic Murray delivers his monologue with help from Eddie Murphy. Awesome Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor fun.

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    Alec Baldwin is a funny guy. He's a likable guy. And he's a really good 'Saturday Night Live' host. So good, in fact, that he has passed Steve Martin and is the current record holder for most times hosting the show: 16, to be exact. And Baldwin is about to beat Martin. When he hosts 'SNL' on September 24, 2011, (his first time hosting a 'Saturday Night Live' premiere) he'll be the undisputed champ of hosts - sweet 16!

    Here, Baldwin hosts for the 15th time, during the season finale of 'Saturday Night Live's' 35th season (May 15, 2010). And he explains that he and Steve Martin aren't rivals. Really. He also delivers a hilarious 'SNL' commencement address.

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    Actor and funnyman Danny DeVito has hosted 'SNL' six times, including once, in October of 1983, with his wife, Rhea Perlman. DeVito joined the 'Saturday Night Live' Five Timers club in January of 1993.

    While hosting 'SNL' on December 3, 1988, Danny DeVito got some help with his opening monologue - thanks to "Twins" co-star (and f*ture California governator) Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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    Drew Barrymore has hosted 'Saturday Night Live' six times, and not only is she a member of the 'SNL' Five Timers club, she also holds the record as the youngest person to ever host the show. On November 20, 1982, a then 7-year-old Drew took the 'SNL' stage to deliver her first monologue. Barrymore is one of only two women to host the show five times (Candice Bergen is the other).

    Here's Drew hosting 'SNL' during season 35 in October of 2009 (her sixth time), discussing her storied history - and that of her famous family.

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    Chevy Chase is one of only two original 'SNL' cast members to host the show more than five times (we'll get to the other one in a minute). Chase, who was an original cast member when 'Saturday Night Live' first aired, left in 1976 - gone, but never forgotten. He returned to host 'SNL' eight times, most recently in 1997. In this clip, he's hosting 'SNL' in 1985 (season 11) - and having some memory lapses, apparently.

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    Actor Elliot Gould is a six-time 'Saturday Night Live' host, and he joined the "Five Timers" club in February of 1980. Gould hosted 'SNL' in its earliest years, including during season 2, in 1977, when he also played a memorable role in the 'Killer Bees' cast sketch...

    'They're bees, they're banditos, they're desperate!'

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    Candice Bergen has hosted 'SNL' five times and is one of only two women on this multiple-hosts list. She was also the first woman to ever host 'Saturday Night Live' (during season 1, episode 4 on November 8, 1975). A little over a month later, on December 20, 1975, Bergen set another 'SNL' record, becoming the first person to host the show a second time.

    Bergen returned to host 'Saturday Night Live' for a third time in December of 1976, during the show's second season, appearing in one of my favorite all-time 'SNL' skits: Irvin Mainway, Bag O' Glass.

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    Paul Simon is NOT a member of the 'SNL' "Five Timers" club - yet. One more and he'll make it. Simon has performed as a musical guest on 'Saturday Night Live' nine times - second only to Dave Grohl.

    Perhaps Simon's best, most memorable 'SNL' monologue was the bizarre (and hilarious) Thanksgiving turkey opening. In November of 1976, Simon donned a turkey costume and proceeded to belt out his hit song "Still Crazy After All These Years." Watch the clip of Paul trying not to be "Mr. Alienation," and then tell me he doesn't deserve to make this list!

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    Actor, director and writer Buck Henry hosted 'SNL' a total of 10 times from 1976 to 1980. Henry, the co-creator of 'Get Smart' (with Mel Brooks), typically hosted the 'Saturday Night Live' season finale (four years running). Henry also appeared in some really classic 'SNL' skits, including "Samurai Delicatessen" with John Belushi, in January of 1976.

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