Most Important Battles of World War 2 Military Conflicts
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Most Important Battles of World War 2

Battles that changed the natural course of WW2
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    Hitlers 1942 Russian offensive proves to be the greatest blunder of the war. Instead of going for Moscow, or the vital ports up north, he chooses the Caucasus oil fields as his target. Hitler then changes his mind and makes the priority Stalingrad, the city named after his rival Stalin. However, without bothering to bolster the Sixth Army's flanks, the entire army is cut off inside the city of Stalingrad. To make things worst, Hitler then orders the army to keep fighting in the city, even though the Russians were pushing all Germans in the area back. The result is the surrender of the Sixth army, and Germany's failure to conquer Russia.

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    The biggest tank battle of all time fittingly took place between the Germans and the Soviets. Thousands of tanks on each side fought each other in a battle that could change the course of the eastern front. Model attacked the Russian bulge from the North, and Von Manstein attacked from the south. The Russians under general Rokossovsky, knew where the Germans would attack and built defenses accordingly. Model failed to concentrate his forces enough to break thru the Russian defenses, but Von Manstein had cut behind enemy lines and was about to cut off the Russian army. Hitler, in one of the greatest blunders of the war, however ordered Manstein to retreat and called off the entire attack. The result was that the Germans handed the Russians the initiative for the rest of the war.

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    The Luftwaffe attempts to destroy the Royal Air Force so Germany can invade Britain. The Germans use their vast numbers to force the British to choose its battles carefully. The British however, had already developed radar which allowed them to figure out where the Luftwaffe would attack. Oddly enough, the turning point of this battle did not happen in Britain, but in Germany. Berlin was bombed, which sent Hitler into a rage and led to the bombing of major British cities, saving the RAF from destruction. Sparing the RAF ended up being a terrible blunder, as the British retook the superiority in the air and made a invasion into Britain impossible.

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    A decisive American victory, destroying Yamamoto's 4 aircraft carriers. Yamamoto made one of the worst blunders of the war when he used his bombers on Midway and let an American carrier, whose aircraft would destroy his entire fleet, off the hook till his dive bombers could refuel. Often called one of the most stunning and unforseen victories in all of naval warfare.

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    Germany attempts to cut off Britain from its ally USA. U boats wreak havoc on British shipping routes for years, but because of a lack of desire to build a sizable navy, Germany eventually gives the Atlantic to the Allies, leading to D Day.

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