The Most Important Deaths in Comic History Comic Book Characters
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The Most Important Deaths in Comic History

Whether they were victims of an assassination, caught in the crossfire during a superhero battle, or simply died of natural causes (which actually happens in comics much more than you'd think), all of the deaths in comic books have some impact big or small. Even those characters that only last a few issues. But which comic book deaths are the most important? This list has the deaths that have rocked comic-dom to its core, as ranked by the community.
This list is about those big ones, those with enormous impact, those that are still felt in the pages of their respective books to this day. Deaths so important that they effect the very fabric of the hero's identity and have made their way into popular culture in general as well.

Vote up the most important deaths in comic book history below. The deaths that forever changed the world of comics and beyond.

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    Maybe no death has ever affected the title character quite like Gwen Stacy's. Gwen Stacy made her first appearance way back in 1965 in Amazing Spider-Man #31, as a fellow undergrad student at Empire State University. A fellow science major, she becomes smitten with Pete due to his sense of humor and scientific mind. He ignores her advances at first, and she retaliates by dating both Harry Osborn and Flash Thompson, then eventually they date. It gets off to a rocky start but it's clearly true love. Marriage is discussed often, and only delayed when her father, Captain George Stacy, is killed by Doc Ock during a fight with Spider-Man.

    They eventually get through this rough patch and for a time all is well. Until the Green Goblin kidnaps her, knowing that she's Peter/Spider-Man's girlfriend, and holds her hostage on the George Washington Bridge. A battle rages, eventually culminating in the Goblin throwing Gwen off the side of the bridge and Spider-Man instinctively shooting a web line catching her by the foot... breaking her neck.

    Peter is never truly sure if the Green Goblin had killed her first or if it was his own doing and it haunts him forever. It also ushers in Mary Jane becoming a more mature and compassionate person eventually allowing their own relationship to take place. It's still to this day argued whether or not Peter Parker would even be with Mary Jane if not for Gwen's death.

    She died 40 years ago and it still influences the book on a weekly basis. It's like Lois and Clark without Lois. It's like not only did Lois die, but Clark accidentally killed her. It's the biggest death in comics, one so large it ended the Silver Age of comic books.

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