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The Most Important Deaths in Comic History

Whether they were victims of an assassination, caught in the crossfire during a superhero battle, or simply died of natural causes (which actually happens in comics much more than you'd think), all of the deaths in comic books have some impact big or small. Even those characters that only last a few issues. But which comic book deaths are the most important? This list has the deaths that have rocked comic-dom to its core, as ranked by the community.
This list is about those big ones, those with enormous impact, those that are still felt in the pages of their respective books to this day. Deaths so important that they effect the very fabric of the hero's identity and have made their way into popular culture in general as well.

Vote up the most important deaths in comic book history below. The deaths that forever changed the world of comics and beyond.
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    Thomas and Martha Wayne

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    Few origins are as instantly recognizable as Batman's. Walking out of a movie theatre late at night, Dr. Thomas Wayne, his wife Martha, and son Bruce are suddenly stopped by a mugger. When Thomas makes a move for his wallet the mugger panics and shoots. Thomas gets gunned down and then Martha right in front of an 8 year old Bruce.

    It's in this moment that Bruce vows to right the wrongs in Gotham, and strike fear into the hearts of its criminals... he just didn't know it yet. Had Thomas and Martha never been charitable socialites, had they never been gunned down in front of him, had they not left Bruce the fortune required to build an empire and a one man army, then we'd never have The Batman.

    It's a very simple origin but one that inspires and emboldens the reader. You instantly root for this character, even with some of his more questionable attributes. The death of the Waynes and the exact course in which it happened completely, and 100% shaped one of the most iconic and lasting characters in the history of comics.

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