The Top Indispensable Mobile Apps Anything

The Top Indispensable Mobile Apps

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The most indispensable mobile apps are those that, for whatever reason, people just can't seem to function without. These are the apps that are used on a daily basis, allowing smartphone or tablet owners to perform important tasks. From Gmail to Evernote to Dropbox, the mobile apps listed here are considered by many to be so important, they're virtually essential. Be sure to vote for the apps that you believe are the best, and vote down any apps that don't seem all that necessary. Also, you can add your own most needed mobile apps to the list.

How did we ever function without mobile apps? From being able to communicate instantly with anyone around the globe to paying for our coffee, apps have become such a key part of our lives that it's almost difficult to remember what life was like without them. The best mobile apps can increase productivity, help us store media and save a ton of time. They can wake us up, put us to sleep and allow us to catch up with our (essential) TV viewing. There's an app for everything, it seems.

With thousands of mobile apps available, many have become so indispensable that we can't go one day without using them for something. That's what this list is all about, so start voting. And, if you're interested, check out this list of the most indispensable Android apps, too.

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