The Most Popular Jobs for Economics Majors Anything

The Most Popular Jobs for Economics Majors

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A list of the most popular jobs for economics majors. If you earn this type of degree, these are the kind of economic major jobs you will find waiting for you after graduating. Median salaries have been included on this list. The trick with any college degree is to acquire one that will ultimately pay for itself. The careers on this list will help accomplish that. This list strictly involves undergraduate degrees.

It does not include individuals who went on to acquire graduate degrees, such as a Masters or Ph.d. Hopefully this list will assist with your selection of degree/university as well as help with your job hunt upon graduation. Maybe you're curious about sports economist jobs, or even environmental economist positions - no matter what,  this list should help you identify the top jobs for economics majors.

Take a look at this list of the best jobs for economics majors. From sports economics jobs to and the highest paying economics jobs, what is the best career for econ majors? This list will hopefully answer that question.

Source: PayScale
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    Banking Credit Analyst Median Salary: $45,400

  2. 2

    Business Process / Management Consultant Median Salary: $104,000

  3. 3

    Median Salary: $57,200

  4. 4

    Median Salary: $66,200

  5. 5

    Finance/Banking Business Analyst Median Salary: $70,800

  6. 6

    Financial Advisor

  7. 7

    Median Salary: $52,800

  8. 8

    Financial Consultant Median Salary: $83,500

  9. 9

    Financial Controller Median Salary: $86,100

  10. 10

    Financial Research Analyst Median Salary: $60,500

  11. 11

    Investment Banking Analyst Median Salary: $75,000

  12. 12

    Investments Analyst Median Salary: $71,200

  13. 13

    Market Research Analyst

  14. 14

    Marketing Analyst Median Salary: $48,500

  15. 15

    Median Salary: $73,100

  16. 16

    Portfolio Manager Median Salary: $109,000

  17. 17

    Pricing Analyst Median Salary: $50,200

  18. 18

    Real Estate Analyst Median Salary: $60,000

  19. 19

    Securities Trader Median Salary: $95,900

  20. 20

    Staff Accountant Median Salary: $46,000

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