Most Popular Sleep Medicines Drugs
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Most Popular Sleep Medicines

List Criteria: Only prescription medication

A list of the most popular sleep medicines. All of the most commonly prescribed medicines, drugs, and medications have been included. Prescription medication, as the name would imply, is medicine requiring a prescription from an authorized health practitioner such as a medical doctor, dentist, psychiatrist, or nurse practitioner. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) governs which drugs require a prescription. Over the counter drugs (OTC drugs) are considered much safer, with a reduced risk of adverse side effects. In contrast, prescription drugs are considered potent enough to require an expert's supervision. Interestingly enough, the same drug can be both over the counter, and prescription based depending upon the drug's dosage.

Some of the drugs on this list are time tested and have proven to be some of the most effective sleep medications. When you are battling insomnia, stress or any other type of condition that keeps you awake at night, some of these medications will help you go to sleep, almost immediately. Ativan, Ambien and Xanax are all drugs that calm and relax the mind and body to fall asleep. Many of the drugs on this list are heavy duty and you will need a prescription to obtain them.

 This list uses the drug's brand name where available, otherwise the generic name is provided.

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    Aricept ODT

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    Effexor XR

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    Eskalith CR Also known as: Lithobid

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    Lithium Carbonate Capsules

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