The Most Ridiculous Jeremy Lin Fan Signs

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The most ridiculous Jeremy Lin signs pay tribute to the nearly unknown player for the New York Knicks who became an NBA sensation almost overnight. Unfortunately, the most ridiculous Jeremy Lin signs also include a fair amount of bad puns that would even make the Bad Pun Coon cringe.

The Lin-sanity began in February 2012 when the Asian-American player exploded for 25 points in a game against the New Jersey Nets. This was no fluke as Lin went on to put up 38 points against the Los Angeles Lakers a week later. The mainstream media and fans around the world took notice and the Lin-fatuation was born.

Many fans chose to show their support for the youngster by using his last name as the basis for a pun which was then displayed on a poster at New York Knicks games. "To LIN-finity and Beyond," "LINderella" and "Super LINtendo" were some of the more creative Jeremy Lin pun signs. Unfortunately not all of the fan-made Jeremy Lin signs were as great.

On the other end of the spectrum, some fans used Lin's ethnicity as the basis for their signs. Signs featuring the phrases "The Yellow Mamba" and "The Knicks Good Fortune," along with an image of a Chinese fortune cookie, caused a great deal of controversy after they were displayed by the media. Though Lin is one of a few successful Asian-American National Basketball Association players and sometimes compared to Yao Ming, many were offended by his ethnicity being used in this manner.

Whether the LIN-sanity goes on to LIN long and prosper or if Jeremy Lin's time atop professional basketball is short, fans will always have these signs, be them outstanding or out of line, to remember the star. That in itself is LIN-tertaining.

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